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A screen recorder is helpful to record anything shown on computer along with audio. With screen capture software, you can record full lectures and it mostly used for shorter recording like office hour session or software tutorial. Screencasting is the best way to communicate to audience and make them to understand easily. You can screen recording on Windows, Mac, Android and other with many functionality. Currently, there are many software in the industry for screen recording.

Ondesoft screen recorder for Mac is one of the best screen recorder for Mac and it is a clean and simple interface. You can capture full screen, a region, a menu, a window and other. The editing tool lets you to edit the recorded videos or images which helps to personalize and share it with friends. This helps you to delete unnecessary section from the video and it gives a professional look to your video. You can also save the images directly to the desktop or straight to the Mac clipboard.  Get to know about the product from here.

  • Scrolling capture lets you to select scrolling window with one click

  • You can also use Hot keys to make the fastest image capture.

  • There is also arbitary snap function which allows to create a shape that suits your desired image

  • You can also use screen magnifier window to grab the exact part

Scheduled Recording: 

With scheduled recording, you can set start and stop time for the recording. You can automatically record important online videos without your presence and the recording can be of any length. Do any other work when the recording goes on and you can watch the recorded videos later.

Save it to different formats:

The recorded images can be saved in different formats like PNG, BMP, TIFF, PPM, XBM, XPM, ICO, JPEG, JPG, and more. 

Add Effects:

You can also add effects to your video with Grab Tool, Text Tools, custom shape tool and more.

There is also free version and paid version from Ondesoft screen recorder for Mac. Whereas the paid version has many functionality compared to the free version. This software is easy to use by anyone and the best way to communicate.

All these make your work simpler

  • You can save important information from screen and refer back later.

  • Take a video for your customer with clear instruction to complete a particular task.

  • Explain document to client with screen recorder

  • Create presentation by recording powerpoint slide

Screen recorder is also used in companies to train new employee and it is the best in-house training tool. In addition, you can also monitor  employees computer screen activity to know how they perform with customer. It is also used in education where educator can create videos and share it with others. This helps the student and others to learn it in advance and clear their doubt in next classroom session. Screencasting is also used in other field to make your work simpler.